Show me a cute Tipi...

If you are on the internet at all (never mind an avid crafter) you will have undoubtedly noticed the rise of the Tipi (also spelt Tee Pee) trend. This iconic structure is loved for its simplicity, clean lines that also makes for an trendy fort that easily collapses to maximize small spaces.

It was their portability that made Tipis ideal for  the Indigenous peoples of the Plains. These people travelled often — to hunt, join social gatherings (such as Sun Dances) or find winter shelter — and therefore needed homes that could be taken down easily and just as easily resurrected. In my opinion, tipis were designed by a super savvy Mom who knew how to pack her house up quickly... -BAM. Good job girl.

Below are some of our favourite modern-day tipis. This month's Doodle Post craft plays on this booming trend with a DIY Tipi for you to design, build and play with. May we all enjoy a throwback to the open plains, quiet gatherings, simple living and a super fast tidy up when it's all over  :)

The Cross Design

The Cross Design

No sew Tipi

A no sew tipi DIY from Handmade Home. So clever and cute and no sew? Yes please!

BabillesetBabioles Play Tent for Kids

A Canadian option: this adorable Babilles et Babioles kids play tent. Visit their site to see the large variety of patterns and colours. Support Canadian makers!

Tipi shelf from Scandilandia.

DIY Kids Tipi Tent

Yarn bomb on branches by Super Crafter

Cat Tipi Bed

Tipis for kitty. As seen on

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