Easy Weaving Wall Hanging

Early educators know that weaving is a wonderful activity for young children that helps to:

  • develop fine motor skills
  • develop eye hand coordination
  • increase focus and attention span
  • promotes left right coordination
  • reinforces following directions
  • offers a relaxing, tactile experience
  • is fun!

Making looms can be very time consuming if you have a large class. Here is a simple, economical solution that generates great results!


  • Hardware store pest/deer mesh (we bought this at Home Depot).
  • Scissors
  • Weaving Materials: Ideal materials to weave are ones that present a variety of thickness and texture. We used:  Yarn (we bought ours from yarn.ca), string, pipe cleaners, twine, thin, live sticks from outside (dogwood, willow are ideal), burlap material scraps and wool roving (cotton fill could work too).

Easy Weaving Project

  1. Instructions:

    1. Cut your mesh into a 6 x 12" rectangle. Make sure to trim off all of the "stems" so that you have smooth, clean edges (no pokey mesh pieces).
    2. Begin weaving!
    3. We found that changing materials every three rows or so worked best. Consider a variety of textures and thicknesses and mix it up as you go. You can even add tassles to the bottom if you wish.
    4. Hang vertically - you can even add a larger stick to the top from which your work can hang.
    Post a picture of your wall hangings @thedoodlepost - we'd love to see your work and you could win a free craft subscription!

Happy Creating!!

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