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DIY Cloche


Materials to make a Cloche: 5″ vase (Dollar Store), 2″ votive (Dollar Store), 1″ Wood Bead (Michaels or Dollar Store), Birch Disk (Michaels or your own backyard if you have a saw) & Flowers.


DIY Cloche

Flip the vase over. Glue the Wood Bead to the centre of the top.



It’s easiest if you put the hole side down – so glue can fill the hole a bit.



Glue vase onto the centre of the birch disk.


Let glue cool for a few minutes before adding water.

Mini cloche arrangement

Add water and flowers. We used 1 large light pink carnation, two dark ruby pink mini carnations and some greenery. All were purchased at the grocery store (since it’s February right now and my garden is frozen!)

Overhead of flower arrangement

Overhead view of same arrangement

Cloche Lid

DIY Cloche

Voila! Perfect gift – for under $5 dollars!




Handmade Christmas Crackers

Give your table a personal touch with handmade Christmas crackers. Fill with a small gift, a note or a photo and your event will have a super-personal touch. These are so easy kids can do it on their own – but it makes a great family craft too. You will need:

  • Brown craft paper
  • Neon paper (From any office supply store)
  • Avery neon dot stickers
  • Yarn or string to tie the ends
  • Wide, flat ribbon
  • TP roll
  • Tape

Fill the tube with photo, note or gift. Cut craft paper  so that there are an extra 2-3 inches on either end. Tape seam and tie ends with yarn. Next, add the Avery dots. Cut a 2 inch wide strip of the neon paper. Wrap this around the roll and secure with tape. Layer the flat ribbon over top. We put initials on an craft paper circle (to keep with the polka-dot theme). This was secured with glue. We hope you have fun making these. We’ve also included a more “formal” version with tissue paper. These would look great in a variety of colours! Happy creating. Please post pictures of your crackers should you make them :o)

Image 4ImageImage 2Image 5

Snowmen Advent Calendar

I’ve done this craft a few times with classes and it’s always a hit. These pictures are from an area Grade 3 class. It took us about 1-1.5 hours to complete.

You will need:

  • 1 TP roll for each student
  • White paint
  • Liquid school glue (option: 1 teacher operated glue gun to secure difficult pieces)
  • Assorted paper: scrapbook, scrap coloured paper (including orange and black)
  • Eyes in a variety of sizes (2 per)
  • Assorted fabric/felt
  • Sequins, gems to decorate
  • Pipe cleaners (1/3 per)
  • Pom poms (2 per)
  • Black Sharpie

Step 1

Have the students paint their TP rolls. We encouraged them to do a very thin coating of paint so it would dry faster. Once complete, they met back on the carpet for instructions on how to decorate them. This gave the rolls time to dry.

Step 2

Decorate! We added eyes, nose, mouth and scarves. We brainstormed other things that snow people would wear: boots? coats? Students were encouraged to make their work as unique as possible. Smiles were added with a Sharpie once totally dry. When they had finished decorating… it was back to the carpet again! Note: They were  instructed to leave the “head wear” (i.e.: hats and/or earmuffs until step #3.

Step 3

Head wear! This step needed its own instruction (and thus the breakdown of steps). Students had to choose their style of hat.

Top Hat: Was made from a 2″ circle punch (for the brim/base) and a rolled up 1″ strip of paper. You could easily make these with a circle  tracer and have the kids cut them out themselves. Each was glued together and then glued to the snowman’s head.

Ear muffs: 1/3 of a pipe cleaner bent and put INSIDE the edges of the TP tube. This makes it so much more secure and you can’t really tell it’s not touching the muffs. A pom pom on either side was added for the “muffs”.

Santa style hat: This was a student-led option. Cut a 3″ circle out of paper. Add a slit the length of the radius (that’s math for from the edge to the centre inward). Curl together into a cone shape. Secure with glue.

While working, students picked a number from 1-21 to be their “advent day”.  The last step was to add their numbers somewhere on the front of the tube.

Voila! Ms. M (their awesome teacher) is filling them tonight for the fun to start with #1 tomorrow. Please post pictures if you happen to do this with your class.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Image 2