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DIY Cloche


Materials to make a Cloche: 5″ vase (Dollar Store), 2″ votive (Dollar Store), 1″ Wood Bead (Michaels or Dollar Store), Birch Disk (Michaels or your own backyard if you have a saw) & Flowers.


DIY Cloche

Flip the vase over. Glue the Wood Bead to the centre of the top.



It’s easiest if you put the hole side down – so glue can fill the hole a bit.



Glue vase onto the centre of the birch disk.


Let glue cool for a few minutes before adding water.

Mini cloche arrangement

Add water and flowers. We used 1 large light pink carnation, two dark ruby pink mini carnations and some greenery. All were purchased at the grocery store (since it’s February right now and my garden is frozen!)

Overhead of flower arrangement

Overhead view of same arrangement

Cloche Lid

DIY Cloche

Voila! Perfect gift – for under $5 dollars!




It takes a village…

This week I was in daughter #1’s class for art. She attends a holistic school with blended classrooms (more than one grade in each class) so projects have to appeal to a range of ages. This can be kind of tricky!

Her class has been studying architecture – so I thought it would be fun to discuss the exterior materials for a house. We brainstormed roofing and siding materials (shingles, board and batten, stone) and applied our favourites to these beautiful little houses. The houses came from my friend Pete who builds real post and beam houses, furniture et all. They were almost too pretty to decorate.

First, the sketched their ideas onto the houses with pencil.

Next, they added permanent marker and oil pastel. Water resistant materials were important here since we planned to use paint and didn’t want our lines to smudge.

Lastly, watercolour paint was added. Some also added paper details : chimney, shutters.

The result was a beautiful little village. So cute.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender FullSizeRender