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I am a Mom, a wife, an art teacher and avid crafter. My husband and I have two amazingly creative girls and a wonderfully goofy, somewhat nervous and always loving Sheep-a-Doodle (Old English Sheepdog and Poodle) : Molly.

As parents, we all know the importance of art in a young child’s life. As an art teacher, I’ve seen first hand how it teaches fine motor skills, decision making, self-expression and confidence. However, real-life schedules and responsibilities hardly leave parents room to plan and shop for that super-cool project.

Until The Doodle Post. The Doodle Post is a series of art projects and was created to inspire creativity and fun in kids ages 5-10. Each project has been tested and approved by an insanely cool group of students.

The best part? It comes in the mail. Personalized. Just for your young artist. We hope that you and your child look forward to receiving these projects as an awesome break to your day because art is awesome!

Our kits are hand-assembled in our Ontario, office. When you support The Doodle Post you are supporting a local, Canadian business and all of its local Canadian partners and suppliers. We know you have a great deal of choice when shopping for your kids and are so grateful that you picked us.

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